NGO and CSR updates

Biscuit understands that creating awareness so ‘the rich and the educated’ of the country can feel for ‘the poor’ is pivotal to the country’s well being. And they take it upon themselves that the erosion of this gap could involve years of socio economic metamorphosis. But as difficult as it might be, there are many NGOs waging this battle at grass root levels chipping away at this monstrous plague. We’ve often asked NGO workers what their ‘life changing moment’ was. The answer has never been a surprise! They’ve told us that, “Sometimes lives extraordinary moments are presented to us in the most ordinary fashion. It is only upon us to keep our eyes and hearts open”.
It really does not matter when and how inspiration stuck them, but we at Biscuit are grateful that it did! We salute these NGOs. This page is an attempt to acknowledge their contribution by identifying a NGO every month and feature them on this page for our readers.

Chandni Parekh, the game changer who changed funding to Fund-A-Cause






CRY organizes Street Theatre for slum children across Bangalore 




Let us Dream a little Dream, Reena who dared to walk the extra mile

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