“A biscuit called Freedom”, lovingly christened ABCFindia, is a forum where India’s educated have the liberty not only to contemplate on issues plaguing our society but also to find avenues to implement measures resulting in the improvement of which.

ABCFindia draws its inspiration from the vision of freedom that young India started out with post Independence.

Also, if you wish to send us an article for the blog, we will be very happy to publish it. Please send your contribution to abcfindia@gmail.com

ABCFindia is managed by Team Biscuit, who are

The Biscuit

Core Strengths A Biscuit Since Follow us on Twitter

Ankita Mishra

Public Relations and Media Campaigning Oct 11th, 2011


Samuel John

Writing, Decoding, Coding – Anything and Everything Oct 11th, 2011


Tej Prakash

You got statistics problem? Tej’s your man Oct 11th, 2011


Ajith Alex Jacob

Alex is still working on it Oct 11th, 2011


Sabita Padhi

ABPP and Bravery Oct 28th, 2011


Tulika Dubey

MJ, reading, writing and socio-issues Feb 2nd, 2012


Geetika Johnson

Running, Arts and all things Artsy in nature Feb 8th, 2012

@ 😦

Administrator Being completely Imaginary Oct 15th, 2011


Moreover, if you are interested in being a part of team, we’ll be eager to have you on board. Send your interest to abcfindia@gmail.com

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