To be or not be, an NRI, that is the question?

English: Map of the British Indian Empire from...

After speculating for hours, days, weeks on what to put up as the next blog post, we finally decided to focus on a highly controversial topic. Brain Drain.

The Biscuits were having a usual 5pm – a regular week day – high on the edge of the seat discussion or argument as most would call it. It all got kick started when we heard a gut wrenching comment from a relative, “India is substandard, the work below par and its crap, I rather be in this foreign country than India!”

Most of us were still shell-shocked after hearing the comment, when one among us lowered his head and said, “Corruption and inefficiency of the government is what is driving the country to the dumps”. A voice among declares, “Yes, if all the bright minds in the country give up hope and leave in despair, we will only have goons to govern us”. And on and on the biscuits argued for hours on corruption, poverty, global warming even, inflation, and Kapil Sibal; ending in a stalemate without a conclusion.

So, we thought we’d ask you, what do you think, is India worth staying in? Why would you want to or why would you not want to?

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