Greetings everyone!

Hi everyone,

This blog is about socio-economic issues primarily in India and the world. It also focuses on possible socio-entrepreneurial opportunities arising from these issues. This is the place where we discuss how problems that plague the society could be turned to opportunities which will benefit everybody (well, almost 🙂 ).

We will be more than happy if you have an article you would like to give to this blog (we promise you full credit). And also, feel free to tell us if you would like us to focus on any topic (in line with this blog). You can send your articles to

Team Biscuit

4 thoughts on “Greetings everyone!

  1. guys
    its me vivek, alex its awkward to have given all your team members twiiter handles, when except u none have tweeted at ages.
    see to it.
    it takes our blog’s credibility.
    jus my view, noting personal

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